Serving Up Cider

It’s sparkling, refreshing and an undeniable taste of home. Hard cider is making an appearance at more and more social occasions from casual get-togethers to formal dinner parties. The local industry is growing and the range of brands and flavour profiles is unique and diverse. In a province famous for apple production, it makes total sense that we’re also leading the charge with this tasty, fruity beverage. You’re probably familiar with wine pairings with food, but how about some snappy cider advice? The first thing you need to know is what type of cider you prefer. They range from dry and crisp to sweeter and fruity. No matter what you choose, the apple notes go well with dishes that also have a sweet element. Green salads with other berries like strawberries are a great example. You can also use the crispness to cut through rich tasting dishes to create a nice balance of flavours. And here’s one more piece of advice. Think of any dish that normally goes well with apples, like pork, and serve up a local cider alongside. By the way, there’s lots of great local pork available in Nova Scotia. You can find out more at

The next time you’re thirsty for something fresh and different, give local cider a try. Whether its relaxing at home, serving one up at a dinner party or ordering one at your favourite local restaurant or bar, you really can’t miss. Want to know more? Here are a few local ciders to whet your appetite:

Tideview Cider –
Bulwark Cider –
ShipBuilder's Cider –
Stutz Cider –