Meet the Farmers – Eyking Farms, Millville, NS

Many of the farms in Nova Scotia are family owned, and many have been in the family for generations. That makes them more than farms. It makes them part of the fabric of the local landscape. Eyking Farms in Cape Breton is no different. They’ve been growing, harvesting and selling vegetables for generations.

Eyking’s 200 + acre farm consists of 17 fields, giving Eyking maximum flexibility to maintain a natural cycle of crop rotation. And speaking of crops, Eyking farms produces a variety of lettuces, rutabaga, cauliflower, cabbage and celery. Their sister operation also produces eggs, which are packaged and distributed to retailers throughout Nova Scotia. What’s interesting about Eyking Farms is even thought they are a local producer, they don’t think small. Their products are wholesaled and shipped throughout Atlantic Canada to grocery stores and markets. They are also the driving force behind the Green Atlantic produce brand and the largest member of the Bras D’Or Cooperative, a cooperative that jointly markets products from Eyking and a number of neighbouring farms.

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