Local Eggs. Easy All Year Round.

When you’re looking for local, it always helps to know what’s in season. Because when something is in season, it’s just easier to find. No sense looking for Nova Scotia strawberries in February (unless they are frozen!) But there are some Nova Scotia products that are always in season. As odd as that might sound, all you have to do is look beyond the produce department. A few prime examples are Nova Scotia pork, beef, chicken and of course eggs. They’re available year round at local grocery stores, farm markets and meat shops. If you’re not sure, all you have to do is ask.

Let’s talk about eggs for a minute. They’ve got to be one of the most versatile local foods you can find. Not only can you eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner without batting an eye, you can use them as an ingredient in a ton of recipes including desserts, breads, sauces and more. Most of the eggs sold in Nova Scotia come from Nova Scotia, so you might already be eating local and not even know it. Our friends at the Nova Scotia Egg Producers have plenty of information on egg producers in your area and lots of interesting ideas and recipes for adding local eggs to any meal. Check them out at www.nsegg.ca and local up.