Eat the Seasons. Local, Healthy & Easy.

Fresh. local eating all year round isn’t as difficult as it might seem. That’s because in addition to living in a province that has great growing conditions from spring through late fall, modern storage techniques keep many locally grown products at the height of freshness and in abundant supply throughout the year. Even during the cold winter months.

The trick to eating local year-round is having some flexibility in your diet and a bit of a sense of adventure for trying new things as they become available. And speaking of what’s available right now, local goodness currently includes plenty of root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots, turnips, squash and more. You can also include local grown staples like cucumbers and tomatoes, which thanks to greenhouse growers, are available fresh and delicious year round. Local producers are also raising beef, pork and poultry twelve months a year. And of course, local seafood is also on our doorstep 365 days a year. Have we sparked your appetite yet? Let’s not forget about artisanal cheeses, local wines and beers, preserves, fresh baked goods and more that are produced in Nova Scotia every day.

Eating in-season is something anyone can try. You don’t need to switch completely, just look around for opportunities to pick up whatever strikes your fancy. You can find a four-season list of what’s fresh and local in Nova Scotia here.