Meet the Farmers – Millferns Holsteins, Lower Onslow, NS

Owned by the Fred and Ann Hamilton, the farm has been in the family since 1760. Talk about deep Nova Scotian roots. Although the farm name is Millferns Holsteins, cattle are not their primary focus. Millferns Hoslteins is one of a number of thriving sheep farms in the province. Sheep farming has been part of our agricultural history for hundreds of years dating back to early Scottish settlers who found our climate created the ideal pastureland needed for grazing.

Although sheep farming started as a side project, Millferns recognized the potential for growth and sold their beef herd, shifting their focus to sheep more than a decade ago. Like all farms, Millferns is a business and the family carefully manages their stock and breeding to ensure a year-round supply. They are also members of the nearby Northumberland Lamb Marketing Co-op (Northumberlamb), which processes and markets Nova Scotia lamb. The co-op plays a vital role in building the market and ensuring top quality for consumers and a fair price for members. It’s a business model that works for everyone involved and helps ensure that family farms like Millferns will be around for many more generations.