The Local Gift Effect

You’ve probably heard the saying, “what goes around comes around”, but when it comes to buying your gifts from local small businesses and producers this holiday season, “what goes around stays around” is probably more accurate. That’s because when spend your money at small businesses in your community, more of that money stays and circulates in the local community.

Here’s another way to think about it: You buy a gift at a local small business. That business owner spends those dollars at the local hardware store. That hardware store owner spends those dollars fuelling his delivery trucks at the local gas station. The local gas station owner buys flowers for his Mom at the local flower shop. The local flower shop owner spends some of those dollars at the local café…and so on.

It’s called the local effect, and it makes a huge difference in your community. Imagine the effect it would have if all of us shifted even a small amount of our shopping to local. There’s a huge movement called shift 10% that encourages everyone to shift 10% of their shopping to local. It’s gained a lot of traction, including here at home. Give it a go this holiday season. Shift some of your gift shopping to businesses and producers in your neighbourhood. You’ll be sharing some local love with the community you love.

Find a local Nova Scotia Christmas tree with the Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia.