Atlantic Canada’s Largest Local Celebration – Saltscapes Expo

Seaside rack of colorful kayaks

What do you love most about local living on the East Coast? For us, it’s no one thing. It’s a whole lot of things. And maybe that’s why we get so excited about the Saltscapes Expo every year. Imagine everything you love about local life all in one place. Well, that pretty much sums up the Expo. And From Friday, April 24th through Sunday, April 26th, Exhibition Park in Halifax is the place to be to experience some serious local love. 

The Saltscapes Expo celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and every year it gets bigger and better. This year’s show features 450 exhibitors and local vendors, plus more than 100 presentations and seminars. Once again this year, we’ll be at Saltscapes putting local front and centre along with a little help from our friends at Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia and Taste of Nova Scotia. Here’s just a sampling of some of the special presentations that we’ll be bringing your way all weekend long.

On the Taste of Nova Scotia Culinary Stage

Seaside Inspiration
Friday, April 24th – 4:30 pm
Chef Bryan Corkery, Oceanstone Seaside Resort
Join Chef Bryan as he demonstrates his delicious lobster spring roll recipe, fresh off the pages of the Select Nova Scotia cookbook

Local on a Budget
Saturday, April 25th – 10:30 am
Gillian Wesley & Drew Moore
Join this duo of local bloggers as they take us through the top tips, tricks, easy switches and sample meal ideas they learned eating on a budget of just $4 a day, committing half of that to locally grown or produced products. 

Local Artisan Cheeses
Sunday, April 26th – 3:30 pm
Heather Squires, Cheesemaker, Sweetwood Farm
Meet Nova Scotia farmer and cheese aficionado Heather Squires. Get the lowdown on what makes sheep and goat cheeses so different and how to use them in your kitchen.

We know the culinary stage will be rocking all weekend long with cooking demonstrations, local chefs and even a chowder cook-off competition. Delicious fun!

On the Ideas & Innovation Stage

Friday, April 24th – Franco Diliberatore, Scotian Gold
Saturday, April 25th – Michael VanMeekeren, VanMeekeren Farms/Wink Apples
Sunday, April 26th – Carolyn Cameron, Noggins Corner Farm

Local Condiments
Friday, April 24th & Saturday, April 25th – Jason Grant, Pepperhead Inc.
Sunday, April 26th – Vickie Gourley, All Sauced Up

And that’s just a start. Some of the other local producers joining us from Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia throughout the weekend are:

  • Woolies (Friday)
  • Farm Girl Preserves (Friday)
  • Laura Elizabeth’s Gluten Free Baking (Friday)
  • Stormcast (Saturday)
  • Schoolhouse Bakery (Saturday)
  • Petite Riviere Winery (Saturday)
  • Ashworks (Saturday)
  • Sister Lotus Herbal Body Care Products (Sunday)
  • Doe-T-Go Dough (Sunday)
  • Bobby Grace Furniture (Sunday)

Make sure you stop by the Select Nova Scotia booth to pick up your copy of our Local Cookbook. We’re also breaking out the Select Nova Scotia photo booth and a few more fun surprises. If we tried to tell you everything the Saltscapes Expo has going on, this blog would be about a hundred pages long. So we’ll just say we hope to see you there. We’re sure you’ll find a whole new bunch of reasons to love local living.