The Art of Local

The Art of Local

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about buying local? For many it’s local food. But let’s expand the conversation a bit. Go anywhere in this province and you’ll find talented local craftspeople creating things of beauty out of wood, stone, metal, fabric and more. 

Supporting these local artisans by purchasing their work is a win-win-win…for you, for the artist and for our province. You get a beautiful (often one-of-a-kind) piece, your money goes to a local who spends more of it locally and you help grow the vibrant creative scene and culture that makes our province such a special place. 
These talented makers live and work here. You can help ensure they stay here. And not only is their work inspiring, their skills and knowledge are critical to inspiring the next generation of Nova Scotian craftspeople.

The Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council (NSDCC) in partnership with Craft Alliance Atlantic Association has launched a fascinating series of short documentaries about a number of Nova Scotia’s master craftspeople called Life’s Work: Six Conversations with Makers. These are the people you support when you buy local – world-class artisans doing world-class work right here in our own backyard.

The series includes six videos that will be released between now and the end of June:

STONE, released last week, introduces us to stone carver Heather Lawson of Bass River as she carves a path as Canada’s last female stone mason.

TURNS launches May 5th and showcases the work of woodturner Steven Kennard from Canning.

MOTHER EARTH premieres on May 12th, giving us an inside look at the life and work of ceramic artist Louise Pentz from Pentz. 

FIBRE & WOOD releases on May 19th and profiles fibre artist Sanna Rahola and woodcarver Douglas Drdul of Windsor.

LADYBUG releases on May 26th, sharing the story of metalsmith/jeweller Elizabeth Goluch from Halifax.

RUST launches on May 31st. The final video in the series profiles sculptor Gordon Kennedy from Baddeck.

You can view the trailer for the Life’s Work series here. To view each video as it is released, visit or

Whether you’re buying art as a gift or as a statement piece for your own home or office, every piece has a unique story. That story is even richer when local is part of it