Farmers’ Markets – One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Farmers’ markets are a staple around our province. In fact, we have the highest number of farmers’ markets per capita in Canada. Although many markets in larger areas are open year-round, May and June will see many of the seasonal markets around the province open for business once more.
Visiting a farmers’ market is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s a chance to slow down and enjoy honest-to-goodness goodness. It’s a chance to connect face-to-face with local farmers, artisans and other vendors, and it’s a chance to enjoy quality time with family or friends.

So what can you find at a farmers’ market this time of year? Well, every market and every experience is different, but let’s start with fresh baked goods of every variety, meats, artisan cheeses, preserves, jams and jellies of all kinds. And that’s not the half of it. How about made-to-order snacks and meals and a variety of locally grown produce? As the spring moves along and turns to summer, that variety will only get bigger as fresh produce from lettuce to peas and beet greens make an appearance. If you’re curious about what’s in season, we have a handy list here.

And we haven’t even touched on the non-food products that are very much a part of the farmers’ market experience. Local artisans are hand making and selling items from candles to quilts and furniture (much of it one-of-a-kind). We guarantee you’ll find unique products with plenty of character.
Whether you’re shopping for food or hand-crafted items, more of the money you spend at a farmers’ market end up in the hands of the local producers, who in turn spend more of their money locally. Farmers’ markets also bring you closer to the people who grow your food and produce unique local products. Meeting the producers, learning how your food was grown or where the local wool for that sweater you love came from puts a personal face on local and makes the farmers’ market visit that much more memorable.
Wherever you live in Nova Scotia, you’re not far from a market. Our friends at Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia have a great list of markets around the province. Take an hour, or a whole day, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures at your local farmers’ market.