Commit to Local for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and this year we’re issuing a challenge - gift a gift that gives back to our entire province by committing to spending some of your holiday shopping budget locally. It’s easy to do, it’s a unique shopping experience and when you spend locally, you help support local businesses, local jobs and the local economy.

Local gifts have a richer story. They’re often one-of-a-kind and made by talented and creative Nova Scotians who love what they do. There’s something special about finding that perfect gift and knowing that the person you’re giving it to will appreciate the story as much as you do. And when you shop at local businesses or buy from local craftspeople, or food and beverage producers, you can’t beat the customer service. They know their products like nobody else, and are more than happy to spend the time to make sure you find the ideal gift.

So let’s do a little inventory of the types of local gifts you can find near you. Chocolates and other food items? Check. Jewellery? Check. Clothing? Check. Books? Check. Music? Check. Wine, beer, cider and spirits? Check. Skin care and beauty? Check. And the list goes on. Take a stroll down Main Street in your community and pop into a local business, visit a local farmers’ market or craft market and you’ll see local all around you.

We’ve got one more great local gift resource to share. If you need some local thought starters, have we got the list for you. Check out The Local Wishlist 2015 – The Buy Local Shopping Guide to Nova Scotia. It’s organized by categories, locations and price. You’ll find so many ideas and ways to give; all from right here in Nova Scotia.

This holiday season, commit to local in your community. Start with one gift or one business at a time. And don’t forget that it’s not just about gifting. You can also shift your holiday spending to local meats, produce, preserves, baked goods… even local Christmas trees and other holiday décor. You’ll be surprised by how many local choices you can make once you start looking. Happy local holidays.