Patio Perfect Wines


Picture a perfect evening on the patio with friends. What could make the night any better? Open one of these patio perfect wines and you’ll wow your crowd for sure.

  • Jost Sangria from Devonian Coast Wineries epitomizes summer. Made by expertly blending apple and blueberry wine, this one is a crowd pleaser, rain or shine.
  • Lightfoot & Wolfville Rosé has just a hint of sweetness and a delightfully fruity, easy-going character. Sounds like summer to us. It’s also certified organic.
  • Annapolis Highland Vineyards Foch Rosé is also bringing its summer A-game with this delicate beauty featuring watermelon and strawberry notes. Yes please.
  • Rosé nods also go out to Luckett Vineyards Rosetta with its crackling and crisp texture and hints of rhubarb and Planters Ridge Rosé brings strawberry and other summer berry aromas to the party. Both are great every day drinkers.
  • Tidal Bay is Nova Scotia’s signature white wine. And you can’t go wrong with a bottle of Domaine de Grand Pré Tidal Bay with its distinctive brightness and crisp freshness. Another winner in our books is Gaspereau Vineyards Tidal Bay. Its balance of sweetness and acidity with hints of apple is nicely refreshing.
  • If you like bubbles, there’s no question you should break out the Benjamin Bridge Nova 7. It’s been making news ever since its launch, and for good reason. It really is in a category unto itself.
  • Avondale Sky Bliss is always in demand. In fact, it’s sold out at the winery, but you can still find it at NSLC locations…for now.
  • Last but not least, have you ever heard of Selkie? You should get to know a bottle. Jost Selkie and Selkie Rosé are frizzante style wines with fine bubbles that give them a youthful liveliness. And if you’re wondering what a Selkie is, just click the link.

There you have it. 10 ways to make your summer patio party a night to remember. All made right here in Nova Scotia. You can find these local lovelies at the wineries, local specialty wine shops and NSLC locations. Enjoy!