5 Of The Best Nova Scotia Condiments to Grace Your Table This Fall


You’ve probably tried traditional Nova Scotia jams and jellies before. But Nova Scotia producers are turning out all kinds of products from hot sauces to wicked relishes and pickles. If you want to jazz up any meal, you should consider these condiments the next time you’re looking for local!

1. The folks at Haskapa down Mahone Bay way have been growing haskap berries for a few years now. And we’re fans of their Haskapa chutney. The haskap berry’s sort of blueberry, sort of cranberry flavor gives the chutney a perfect tangy/sweet flavor. if you’re in the mood for something with a little more go-go, then grab a jar of their Haskapa jalapeño relish.


2. Known for his outstanding Le Caveau Restaurant at Domaine de Grand Pré, Chef Jason Lynch is also putting out one of the most heavenly concoctions you could ever taste – Bacon Jam. Jason smokes premium local pork from Oulton’s to make his own bacon, then mixes in in brown sugar, red wine vinegar. molasses and other ingredients. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, check to make sure you’re alive.


3. Would it be a local list without green tomato chow? We doubt it. And HardyWares on the Eastern Shore won’t disappoint with their chow or any of their incredible variety of jams, jellies, pickles and relishes. Everything is made in small batches from traditional recipes. And the majority of the ingredients are also local including green tomatoes from Stokdijk’s in Truro and onions from Sawlor’s in the Valley. So, each jar purchased not only supports HardyWares, but other's as well. You can find HardyWares at these locations.


4. The Canning Sauce Company might be small, but their hot sauces bring big flavours. From their Annapolis Heat sauce which they describe as “mildish” to their Howling Apple made with smoked apples, habanero and ghost pepper, which we describe as “aptly named”, your tastebuds are in for a wake up call. You can find Canning Sauce Company products at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market and other select Farmers’ Markets throughout Nova Scotia.


5. And now for something completely different. Ma Bell’s Country Condiments makes many of their condiments year round, but this time of year carrot & cardamom jam is very popular. This recipe dates all the way back to 1942. In fact during wartime, there was even a notion that carrots would help win the war by improving eyesight!!! as well as feeding families in a more sustainable way. Well, no need to fight over this great jam. There is enough to go around. You can find Ma Bell’s at the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market and as a flavour pairings/ingredients at Rebecca's Restaurant & Sprig in Mahone Bay.