Feel Great About Making These Local Resolutions


Happy New Year. Now come the resolutions. The easy part is making them; the hard part is keeping them. We thought we’d share our list of super easy to keep local resolutions. It’s a win-win… easy and great for Nova Scotia. We hope you’ll try at least one.


1)  Visit a Farmers’ Market

There’s one in almost every town, and many are year-round. It’s more than a shopping trip, it’s a social outing as well. Many of the markets are also co-ops where the vendors own part of the operation, and buying directly from members helps keep more money locally. Find a farmers’ market near you on the Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia website.


2) Drink your Local

It’s easy to think about local food, but there is an ever-growing number of local beverages being produced here as well, making it super easy to pour yourself a glass of local on a regular basis. Terra Beata from the South Shore is known for its healthy cranberry products including ready-to-drink cranberry juice, and Haskapa is also producing an anti-oxidant loaded Haskap Berry Juice that makes an excellent morning shot. Staying on the healthy train, nothing has grown faster than Kombucha as a health beverage and there are several producers including Cove Kombucha who sell their products in stores throughout the province. And last, but not least, if you prefer the occasional adult beverage how about picking up some craft beer from the more than 30 breweries now in Nova Scotia, or a bottle of wine from the wineries of Nova Scotia.


3) Cook More

Whether you’re super busy or intimidated by cooking, you don’t need hours or to be a master chef to make something great with local. Even if it’s one meal a week, it’s a meal in the right direction. We’ve got a great database of delicious, step-by-step recipes on the Select Nova Scotia website to help inspire you.


4) Eat an Apple

How easy is that? There are dozens of varieties grown in Nova Scotia and they are available year-round. They might be the single easiest local product to find wherever you go. There’s an apple for every taste and every use from eating fresh to baking. Our friends at Stirling Fruit Farms have a handy guide to apple varieties in Nova Scotia.


5) Ask for Local

It’s a bit of a catch-all, but the easiest way to find local products is just ask, “What’s local?” when you shop. You’d probably be surprised by the options, so chat with the produce or meat or seafood manager, or any employee at your local market. They’d be happy to help.