Local WOW Gifts

So, you’re looking for something unique. But you’re on a budget. We’ve got the perfect suggestions, and they’re all under $15. Plus, they’re all locally made. Check out these gifts under $15 from the 2017 Local Wishlist – the buy local shopping guide to Nova Scotia. These are some of our favourites, but there are lots more great ideas on the Wishlist website.


1) Down the Hatch – Rocks Glass

Your Dark ‘n Stormy will go down great with one of these nautical themed glasses from Kept Gallery. Add a bottle of Fortress or Sea Fever from Authentic Seacoast.


2) Bronze Skull Earrings

Designed and crafted by Graeme Ross, these skull earrings are definitely unique. And you probably know someone just as unique who would love them. Available at the Designer Craft Shop.


3) Sandy Clause Ornament

This is the perfect Christmas keepsake. Made from Nova Scotia sand, when you give this gift, you are literally giving a piece of Nova Scotia. Get yours at the White Point Beach Resort gift shop.


4) Yoga Mat Refresher Spray

Namaste. For the yoga enthusiast on your list, we love this handy refresher spray. Infused with tea tree, peppermint and lavender, a quick spray will freshen up yoga mats or workout gear. From Mighty Oak Essentials.


5) Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Available in 10 decadent flavours, an artisan chocolate bar from Rousseau Chocolatier is a can’t miss. Hey. At $6.95 each, you can get two for under $15. Not bad at all.