Win at Love with these 5 Local Gifts


For some, February 14 causes panic every year. Relax. There are plenty of local options that even Cupid would give the thumbs up. They’ll love these. Cross our hearts.


The gift of flowers

The gift of flowers is great, but give your sweetheart the gift of a Flower CSA from Humble Burdock Farms and they’ll receive a fresh floral creation weekly or bi-weekly depending on the package you choose. Every time they get a new delivery, they’ll be thinking of you.


The gift of chocolate

Here’s something you might not know. Men like chocolate as much as women. So, handmade chocolate treats are perfect. And you can share them with each other. There are a number of great artisan chocolate makers including Rousseau Chocolatier and Peace by Chocolate.


The gift of the ocean

Oysters might not be for everybody.  But if your significant other loves them, then show them some love with the gift of Nova Scotia Oysters. We have some great producers here including ShanDaph, Eel Lake and Sober Island to name a few. We recommend asking your local fish monger, “What’s fresh from Nova Scotia?” They can point you at the right oyster.


The gift of bling

You can’t go wrong with a nice piece of jewelry. You just can’t. And luckily, Nova Scotia is home to many talented designers. How about a Seaglass Pendant from Imagination Creations or the Silver Wave Ring from Bridget Turner Jewellery Design? Many artisans offer online shopping and shipping. You can also visit an independent jewelry store and ask what’s local, or you can find more local artisans through Craft Nova Scotia.


The gift of cuteness

If your love is a little on the playful side, then give them socks. Wait… give them a Sock Monkey from Monkeys and More. You can order online and they will ship to you. This cute little critter will be a daily reminder about how much you care.