The Best of the Best Local Ciders List


Did you know that hard cider is one of the fastest growing craft beverage categories? If you’re curious about what to try, here’s our Cider Insider list of some great local options.


1) Bulwark

Muwin Estate in New Ross started as a fruit winery, but it was only a matter of time until that expertise lent itself to cider production. Bulwark Ciders are handmade with their signature blend of 5 apples. They produce a number of varieties, but we recommend their Bulwark Original. It’s dry, crisp and refreshing.


2) Annapolis Cider Company

Heirloom apples are traditional varieties like Gravenstein that have been grown here for generations. These apples are at the heart of Annapolis Cider’s Heirloom and are a signature taste of Nova Scotia’s heritage.


3) Chainyard Urban Cidery

This cidery from Halifax has a catchy line to describe themselves –  Nova Scotian to the Core. They get pretty creative with their use of Nova Scotia apples, resulting in some pretty creative ciders. We’re fans of their easy drinking Foundation Cider, but if you’re ever in the city, visit their taproom and try some different varieties.


4) L’Acadie Vineyards

L’Acadie Vineyards Organic Cider uses traditional methods of natural fermentation in the bottle to create fine bubbles, giving the cider a more delicate tone. It’s mix of 100% organic Valley apples and a dose of iced cider to balance the acidity creates a truly interesting character.


5) No Boats on Sunday

Truro might not be on your cider radar, but it should be. No Boats on Sunday is light-bodied and not to sweet. And you guessed it…it’s bottled in Truro. The name comes from the tradition of Halifax port workers spending time with family instead of working unloading ships on Sunday. Hence, the no boats on Sunday policy was born.


6) ShipBuilders Cider

The folks at ShipBuilders have crafted an authentic light, quite dry cider using traditional methods that pay homage to Nova Scotia’s 400+ year history of cider making. You can only find ShipBuilders in one variety – Original. But that’s all you really need. If your tastes lean a little sweeter, you’re in luck. The same company that make ShipBuilders also offers Stutz Premium Craft Cider for your sipping pleasure.


7) Elderkin’s & 8) Noggins

The Elderkin and Noggins names are synonymous with apple growing in the Annapolis Valley. So, it only makes sense that they’d each have a delicious craft cider. The Elderkin family has been hand-crafting cider for 10 generations using a mix of apples including those from their own orchards. We give Elderkin’s Cider the thumbs up for heritage and flavour.

Noggins Ciders are also hand-crafted in small batches from the fresh pressed juice of specially selected Nova Scotia apples. They offer a number of different varieties from sweet to dry. We recommend their Vintage Original Cider for a truly authentic taste.


You owe it to yourself to try some of these amazing local ciders. It really doesn’t get any more Nova Scotian.