Local coffees make mornings easy to love


What makes your morning better than a good cup of coffee? That’s a rhetorical question. Nova Scotia roasters are creating an impressive variety of blends that might actually make you look forward to mornings.


When you get up early like fishermen do, you need a morning kick-starter. Laughing Whale Coffee Roasters hale from Lunenburg, one of our most famous fishing towns. All of their coffees are roasted using one of the most eco-friendly processes around. Give their medium roast Morning Mantra a try if you like full-flavoured, or Wind in Your Sails if you prefer a milder blend.


Full Steam Coffee Company on the historic Guysborough harbour produces eight distinct blends. Each is hand roasted in small batches. Really hard to pick a favourite here, but Perfect Storm Dark Roast has great intensity. We’ve also got to say, if decaf is your thing, Even Keel will work out nicely. Full Steam is part of the Authentic Seacoast Company, who also produce great local rum, whisky, vodka and beer.


Sissiboo Coffee Roaster is named for the Sissiboo river system down Weymouth way. These artisan roasters have had a 15 year + love affair with coffee and rely on instinct and observation more than instrumentation to create their distinct blends. If you’re a nightshift worker or just a night owl, Sissiboo’s Night Owl Espresso will keep your eyes wide open.


T.A.N. Coffee stands for The Alternative Network. They, like almost all Nova Scotia roasters, are committed to fair-trade, ethically sourced coffee beans. There are a number of T.A.N. cafes in Wolfville, Windsor and Coldbrook where you can purchase their roasts and enjoy some tasty eats too. Their Mexican coffee with its delicate body and nutty tones is really good. 


Locally roasted coffee can be found in pretty much every grocery store and market in Nova Scotia, as well as coffee shops around the province and online. Every time you brew a cup, you do something good for the local economy. Drink up and enjoy!