Great grilling starts with these local rubs


Grilling season is so close! To get ready, we put together our list of flavour filled local rubs that will bring out the best in whatever you barbecue. They’re the secret weapons of seasoned grillers.


Rub that Rubs

Rub That Rubs in Bedford carefully hand blend and package all of their creations. And their line of spice blends is gluten, soy, and dairy free and contain no added chemicals or oils. We recommend their Chop House Blend to bring out the beefy flavour of steak, but we’ve also got a love on for their Memphis Dry Rub when we’re into serious pulled pork and ribs.


Farmer John’s Herbs

It’s not true Nova Scotia grilling without some seafood in the mix. And when that ocean goodness hits the grill, try sprinkling some Spiced Savoury Seafood Rub from Farmer John’s. It’ll make your local even more delicious.


Big Cove Foods

We’ve talked about Big Cove Foods before. And we’ll keep talking because they keep coming out with such great stuff. This time, we’re raving about their Espresso Rub. This blend is great on beef, pork, chicken, lamb and potatoes…so basically everything. You can find them at the New Glasgow Farmers’ Market and the Seaport Farmers Market in Halifax.


The Halifax Spice Company

The Halifax Spice Company started making its signature Tradewinds Blend in 2003, and it still stands up as a fantastic addition to many meats. Our favourite way to use it is to mix it into burgers, but don’t limit yourself to just burgers. On a different note, they also make a killer Pasta Spice Blend. But we haven’t mastered the art of grilling spaghetti quite yet.


Acadian Maple

Did you say you’re grilling salmon? Then we wholeheartedly suggest rubbing on Peppered Maple from Acadian Maple. It also goes great on vegetables. We started playing around with it and found Peppered Maple was also perfect to mix with other spices like paprika, garlic powder and onion powder to make our own custom rubs.


We hope your spring and summer are full of great grilling. And remember when you’re shopping for the perfect cut of meat, nothing beats local. We’d love to hear about what you’re cooking up. Follow us on Facebook and feel free to share.