The New Tidal Bays to Try


Every wine region hopes to have wines that stand out. In Nova Scotia, we’ve earned a worldwide reputation for ours. In June 2012, Nova Scotia winemakers launched a signature white wine – Tidal Bay. It’s crisp, aromatic and displays the uniqueness of our cool climate region. It also pairs perfectly with seafood. And we’ve got plenty of seafood recipes on our site if you’re looking for inspiration


Whether you’re sipping a Tidal Bay in the sunshine or enjoying it with an elegant seafood meal, it’s a uniquely Nova Scotian experience. We recently had the chance to taste the new 2017s at the Winery Association of Nova Scotia’s 12 Tides Event. They did not disappoint, and that made it even harder to pick our favourites. But we love a challenge, so here are our top 5.


Lightfoot & Wolfville – What we loved about Lightfoot & Wolfville was the nice touch of sweetness. Not overly sweet, just a kiss. It also had apple and floral notes that made us smile. Like all of their wines, Lightfoot & Wolfville’s Tidal Bay is also certified organic.


Domaine de Grand Pré – Grand Pré is one of Nova Scotia’s first wineries, so they know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Their Tidal Bay works really well. It perfectly blends 5 different grape varieties into a wine that’s got the signature crispness and fruit tones, but also a nice full body and slight minerality.


Saint Famille – You’ve probably never heard of Geisenheim 318. Neither had we, but it’s one of 6 grapes used in St. Famille’s Tidal Bay. If you like green apple, you’ll enjoy this one. One other thing that got our attention is the silky almost creamy texture. Hard to describe but definitely unique.


Luckett Vineyards – Getting the perfect balance in a wine is a fine art and Luckett Tidal Bay stood out for getting it right. We really liked the freshness, a little zip of citrus and then some other lovely subtle notes. It tasted great from start to finish. This is an easy drinker alone or paired with scallops or sushi.


Avondale Sky – Year after year, their Tidal Bays have made an impression and this year is no different. We like the fruity notes, but there is also just a hint of spice and a touch of sweetness hanging out in there. This is an elegant wine, but don’t limit it to serving only at fancy occasions, OK?


We really need to go back to what we said at the beginning. Choosing our favourites was tough. We’re not sommeliers and tastes are always subjective. That’s why it only feels right to share a few words on the rest of the 2017s.


Planters Ridge – subtle flavours, aromatic, citrus

Benjamin Bridge – fresh and bright, luxurious

Jost – touch of spice, nice depth of flavours

Blomidon Estate – Dry, crisp, apple

Mercator – citrusy, drier end of off-dry, minerals

Gaspereau Vineyards – dry, bit of zip, great finish


Take our advice for what it is…a non-expert review of some really amazing wines. But, here’s a piece of advice we can confidently give. Try Tidal Bay for yourself. Any one from this year’s list will delight you.