How to Make Magic with NS Strawberries


If you’re anything like us, strawberry season is something that’s eagerly anticipated. For many, strawberry shortcake is the go-to recipe, but we thought we’d share a few more of our favourite strawberry recipes to make this season even sweeter!


Peppered Strawberries

You’d think black pepper has no place with strawberries. This one will probably change your thinking. In this recipe, it complements the character and flavour of the berry. Served with vanilla ice cream and pound cake, this is a dessert people will want a second helping of.


Strawberries in Puff Pastry

An easy take on an old favourtie, this delicious recipe is featured in Nova Scotia Cookery, Then & Now – a cookbook  showcasing modern interpretations of heritage Nova Scotia recipes. 


Strawberry Apple Salsa Cinnamon Crisps

Looking for a quick dessert? This one can be ready in minutes.  And, in case you didn’t know it, strawberries and apples are a naturally great combination. You can use your favourite Nova Scotia apple variety. The recipe calls for frozen berries (because we love it year-round), but when they’re in season, just skip step 1. We think this is a perfect snack for hungry kids on warm summer days.


Meringues with Summer Strawberris and Lemon

It’s summer and you’re looking for a nice light dessert. Look no further. Meringues are always a hit and they’re not overly difficult to make. We also love how the tang of fresh yogurt pays so nicely with the natural sweetness of strawberries. Serve this one at your next patio dinner.


Picnic Friendly Strawberry Parfait

Fresh local strawberries, chocolate syrup and crunchy nuts, all topped with whipped cream – you couldn’t ask for a better treat. Perfect for picnics! Thanks to Taste of Nova Scotia for originally posting this recipe.


Halibut with Strawberry Salsa

This dish will make any summer dinner party shine. Halibut from our local waters and strawberries from local fields…come on! We love the firmness and sweetness of halibut. Drizzle this sweet and savoury salsa on top and wow. The recipe says to oven cook the halibut, but we’re thinking we might try it on the grill. Thanks to Tourism Nova Scotia for the recipe. 


Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs

We mentioned we love strawberry shortcake. We should also mention we like creative twists on strawberry shortcake. And the Millen Farms recipe page has a pretty cool twist. Scroll down the page a little and you’ll find the recipe. We love the use of white chocolate. And putting everything on skewers makes it a tasty portable dessert treat. Try that with regular strawberry shortcake.


Strawberry and Chocolate Mint Jam

What happens when you plant chocolate mint a little too close to your strawberry patch? Well, the folks at Dakeyne Farm will tell you. They’ll also share the recipe for a pretty unique jam. We love the combination of mint and strawberries. We also love that because this is a jam recipe, you can make it now and enjoy it year-round. You can also make extra and share it with friends...friends like us…seriously, where’s our jam?


Summers tend to go by quickly, so our best advice is enjoy every moment. And the more moments spent enjoying local strawberries, the better!