8 Great Local Burger Toppings


Whether they’re beef, chicken, veggie or whatever, burgers are a grilling favourite. And we want to help make your burger even better. How? Simple. Just add local. Here are some of our favourite local burger topping ideas.


Sailor Boy Burger Bomb Sauce from Vincent’s Dressings in Yarmouth will add a slightly creamy, sort of thousand island, little like a really famous burger chain’s secret sauce flavour. Vincent makes a total of six different Burger Boy sauces. One down, five still to taste.


Awesome Arugula. In our humble opinion, you have to add some greens to your burger. Local lettuce is in season and there are lots of choices, but we’re also fans of Goodleaf Farms Baby Arugula. It has a slight peppery flavour that snazzes up any burger. If you’re in the mood for a salad to go with your burger, it tastes great in there too.


Cabbage Patch Kimchi is a great way to go If you want to add a little Asian flair to your burger. This Korean food staple is slightly spicy and tangy. It’s a ferment not unlike sauerkraut, but with a whole different flavour profile. We liked how it worked with pork vs. ground beef. Pretty sure it would rock on a veggie burger too. Just saying.


Sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese are a natural burger combination. So are mushrooms and caramelized onions. Now, if you want to take mushroom flavours to a whole new level, then Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms should be your go-to. We particularly like Cinnamon Caps for their nuttiness and crunch, Shiitakes for their woodsy, smoky flavour and Chanterelles for their peppery edge.


Smeerkaas. Ever heard of it? It’s a spreadable gouda cheese from That Dutchman’s Cheese Farm. It’s available in a variety of favours including garlic, jalapeno, and sharp gouda to name a few. Smear it on your burger and oh boy!


Cheddar on a burger is classic…Ran-cher Acres goat’s milk cheddar on a burger is a creative local twist on a classic. If you’re a bit iffy on goat cheese, don’t be. We found this cheddar to be mild (not tangy like feta) but still flavourful. We tried something different here and instead of topping the burger, we grated some and stuffed it into the burger patty before cooking.


Pickles. You need pickles. More specifically, you need Kowalski’s Pickles Nova Scotia Dills. And for the brave of heart, try his Habanero Hotties. Can you handle the heat? Maybe have a nice local craft beer at the ready.


A good BBQ sauce goes a long way and we love Flame Works Elixirs local creations. They just launched a new line of products made with locally crafted Nine Locks beer including a Beer BBQ Sauce and a Stout Mustard (which is no burger slouch either). You can find them at the Halifax Brewery Market on weekends or stop by the Nine Locks Retail Store in Dartmouth.


We wish you great grilling, but consider this a starter list, because there are so many more locally made products and locally grown produce choices that’ll make your burger a thing of beauty.