5 Reasons Nourish Your Roots is no Ordinary School Fundraiser


If you’ve got kids, you know all about school fundraisers. Even if you don’t, you’ve probably still had a knock at the door at some point. Well, move over chocolate bars and cookies, there’s a new school fundraiser that’s been gaining ground for the past few years, and they’re not selling snack food. They’re selling good, nutritious local food.


Nourish Your Roots is a healthy fundraiser, where Nova Scotia schools sell boxes of in-season produce grown by local farmers. It was started a few years ago by Nourish Nova Scotia, an organization that promotes and funds healthy eating programs and food education in our schools. And, pardon the pun, this idea has really taken root, with around 128 locations across the province selling the boxes this year. Take a look at this YouTube video they made and it’ll give you a taste of what the program is about.


It’s pretty simple really. Each box contains a variety of locally grown produce focusing on vegetables like potatoes, carrots, turnip and other items including fall fruit when available. You place an order, Nourish NS sources the products from local farmers, and supports the delivery of boxes to the schools or other pick-up sites, and all you have to do is go get it.


Upon first glance, it looks like a lot of other school fundraisers. But, here’s what makes it different. And here’s why NOURISH YOUR ROOTS should be at the top of your list:


  1. 100% of the money stays in Nova Scotia - All of the proceeds of the box are split between the schools, the farmers and Nourish NS (to cover the cost of administering the program and filling the orders).
  2. The money each school raises is used for healthy food programs at that school – It could be healthy school breakfast, lunch or snack programs, teaching cooking skills or growing a community garden, but every dollar raised helps kids enjoy healthier eating.
  3. It supports local farmers – All the produce is sourced and bought from Nova Scotia farmers, putting money directly in their pockets and delicious food in your hands. Because the produce is bought as locally as possible, depending on where you live, your box may be different than someone’s in a different part of the province.
  4. It goes beyond the schools – Kids learn about food, they learn about concepts like farm to table eating, and they take the healthy eating habits and food knowledge they gain at school home with them to share with parents and other family members, inspiring them to make good food choices as well.
  5. It creates stronger community connections – Everybody wins. Kids learn where their food comes from, creating a stronger connection between themselves, the food, the field and the farmers. And schools raise money to offer additional programs that contribute to healthier people and communities.


There are a couple of ways you can support Nourish Your Roots. The boxes cost only $30 and the value of the food in the box is worth every penny. Selling begins on September 10th and continues until November 9th. You can order a box from a student you know who is selling, or by contacting any participating school during their selling period. You can also donate a box, just order one and indicate you’d like to donate it. It will be used at the school or to support to someone in your community. And finally, you can also donate directly to Nourish Nova Scotia to support their ongoing efforts.


We urge you to order, enjoy and feel good about making a local difference. And if you need any recipe ideas about how to use the goodies in your Nourish Your Roots box, we’ve got you covered. Check out our recipe section.