Delicious Chicken Recipes You Have to Make


When it comes to eating local, a lot of people go directly to thinking about produce. And, we’ve got plenty of it in Nova Scotia, but we’ve got plenty of local meat and seafood options as well. September is Chicken Month and local chicken is on the menu. Whether you buy chicken directly from locals like MacDougall Meadows or Getaway Farms, at a local butcher shop like Peasant’s Pantry or a Farmers’ Market, it’s not hard to find. All you have to do is Ask for Local.


In honour of Chicken Month, we thought we’d share some of our favourite recipes. Give one (or more) a try this month. These easy chicken recipes will have you saying, “winner, winner, local chicken dinner!”


1. Pulled Chicken Sliders - Why have a chicken sandwich when you can have a chicken slider? This recipe from the Kilted Chef has lots of flavour going on and it’s pretty simple to whip up. Plus, they’re topped with local bacon. You can’t beat that.


2. Thai-Style Butterflied Chicken Breasts - Local meets international with this recipe. If you’re entertaining people, this dish will impress with its exotic flavours including Thai chili and coconut milk. Can you let us know when to show up for dinner? Thanks!


3. Chicken Fricot This is an Acadian classic. And we’d be doing something very wrong if we didn’t include it in our list of top local recipes. With Fall just around the corner, this dish is perfect for cooler days and nights.


4. Chicken Meatball Appetizer - If you’re in the meatball mood, park the pork or beef and give chicken a try. They’re just as easy to make. Here’s a nifty appetizer recipe from our friends at


5. Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Nova Scotia Honey - Need we say more? We could eat this every day. We shouldn’t, but we could. Crispy, sweet and a little spicy. Thanks to Tourism Nova Scotia for this one. Good news though. You don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy it.


6. Cider Braised Chicken - Nova Scotia hard cider is great for drinking. It’s also great for cooking. This rustic recipe comes to us courtesy of the folks at Taste of Nova Scotia. Pro tip: buy an extra cider for the chef. Cooking can be thirsty work.


7. Moscow Mule Chicken Marinade - You might be familiar with the popular cocktail, but did you know you can turn it into an awesome marinade? And that will result in some awesome grilled chicken.


8. Chicken and Herb Stuffed Zucchini Rolls - Another party favourite, this recipe has all kinds of good going on including goat cheese and marinara sauce. We loved the combination of flavours. And we always love using local zucchini when it’s available. Thanks to Saltscapes for putting this one on our radar.


Well Nova Scotia, that’s our great 8. But that’s just a few ideas to get you started. Happy Chicken Month, but remember, local chicken is available year-round, so you can make any month Chicken Month.