Welcome the New Year with Local



Whether you plan on welcoming the New Year with a big night out or more laid back at home, raising a glass of local wine, beer, spirits or cider is a great start to 2019. We’ve done our share of sampling in 2018 and here are some of our favourites.



Avondale Sky – 2014 Benediction
The 2014 Benediction is an easy drinking bubbly that’s perfect for any occasion including New Year’s Eve. It is crisp and refreshing with citrusy notes. Thanks to the high acidity of the Geisenheim grape, it also has a nice dry finish.


L’Acadie Vineyards – 2014 Vintage Cuvée
This award-winning sparkler is lively with plenty of tropical aromas and a hint of toast created by the aging process. It’s also 100% organic. What better way to toast 2018 than with a toasty wine, right?



Benjamin Bridge - Tidal Bay
Tidal Bay is Nova Scotia’s signature white wine. Benjamin Bridge is well known for their world-class sparkling wines, but they do an outstanding job with their Tidal Bay as well. It’s really fresh and bright, just like 2019 is going to be for you.


Domaine de Grand Pré – Tidal Bay
Grand Pré is one of Nova Scotia’s first wineries, so they know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Their Tidal Bay works really well. It perfectly blends 5 different grape varieties into a wine that’s got the signature crispness and fruit tones, but also a nice full body and slight minerality.



Gaspereau Vineyards – Gaspereau Lucie Kuhlmann
If you’re going to welcome 2019 with red wine, drink one with a ton of personality. You might not be familiar with the Lucie Kuhlmann grape, but Gaspereau Vineyards has crafted it into a bold wine with a French flair. It definitely stands out.



No Boats on Sunday – Cranberry Rose Cider
No Boats’ signature cider is well-known amongst cider drinkers, but we suggest trying a slightly elegant twist on New Year’s Eve. Toast with a glass of their Cranberry Rose Cider. Made with 100% Nova Scotian apples and cranberries, it’s tangy and fresh. Plus, it has delicate bubbles, so you can pretend it’s Champagne if you like.


Planter’s Ridge - Rummed Cider
And now for something completely different. Planters Ridge Rummed Cider marries Nova Scotia apples with the flavours of 5 Fathom Rum from Barrelling Tide Distillery. The result is a dry cider with warming spice hints from the rum. Quite unique for sure.



Uncle Leo’s – Sunburst Pale Ale
With so many great craft brews in Nova Scotia, beer was a really tough category to narrow down. Uncle Leo’s Sunburst Pale Ale was created in collaboration with Nova Scotia musicians, Dave Gunning, Jamie Robinson and J.P. Cormier. It’s got great aroma and flavour, and we’re pretty sure it will start your New Year off on a high note.


Big Spruce Brewing - Kitchen Party Ale
If you’re going to a kitchen party, then you need Kitchen Party Ale. This is one of their flagship brews. It’s full bodied and solidly bitter, but what a great beer. That’s why it’s on our list.



Glynnevan whisky – Double Barrelled Canadian Rye
Whisky drinkers, take note. You need to try Glynnevan whisky from the folks at Authentic Seacoast Company. Glynnevan has great flavours including vanilla and spice, but the real luxurious surprise is how creamy and smooth it is.


Compass Distillers -  Spiced Rhumb
If your tastes lean toward rum, we suggest giving this one a go. It’s handcrafted with Crosby’s Molasses and other fantastic ingredients. And it’s perfect for mixing with cola, ginger beer or toasting by itself.


East Coast Spirits - Pink Vodka
East Coast Spirits is the sister company of Steinhart, and they produce some pretty great spirits. At first glance, your brain might write this one off, but it’s got everything you’d expect a vodka to taste like. And the pink hue makes traditional vodka cocktails look awesome.


No matter where you are, or what you’re drinking, we wish you a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve!