7 Cozy Comfort Food Recipes With A Local Twist


Whether you love winter or not, we all have to soldier through. Here are seven of our go-to comfort food recipes to fuel you up and take the bite out of this time of year. Some are traditional, some have a twist. They all taste great.


1. Lamb & Beef Chili

Chili is a hearty, stick to your ribs kind of eating. And when we’re eating chili, we love this recipe which incorporates local lamb into the flavour mix. We used local lamb from NorthumberLamb in our dish. This recipe is on the milder side, but if you’re feeling bold, you can spice it up more to suit your taste.


2. Seafood Stew

There’s no question that seafood chowder is a Nova Scotia comfort food staple. But give this seafood stew recipe a shot and we’re pretty sure you’ll like it too. It’s got plenty of seafood flavour, but it skips the heavier creamy base that chowders have. Perfect for eating healthier.


3. Mac and Cheese Panini

What do you get when you cross macaroni and cheese with a grilled cheese sandwich? You get the best of two comfort foods in one dish. This recipe also includes a warm beet salad accompaniment. Positive proof that comfort food can also be elegant food.


4. Scallop Macaroni & Cheese

While we’re on the subject of macaroni and cheese, we found this neat twist thanks to Saltscapes Magazine. You might be familiar with Lobster mac and cheese. Now get friendly with scallop mac and cheese. It’s a grown-up twist on a classic comfort food.


5. Cabbage Rolls

Did you know you can find local cabbage all year round (TapRoot Farms)? This means you can enjoy cabbage rolls anytime. The flavours of beef, spices and tomato all married together and hot from the oven. Yes, that’s comfort food material. This recipe from the Kilted Chef, Alain Bossé, is a winner!


6. Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Forget fast food fried chicken. Do it yourself. Better yet, do it yourself with this local twist. The Nova Scotia chili honey drizzle takes this dish over the top. Cosman and Whidden Honey or Kittilsen’s Honey are great local choices. Also, don’t forget to use Nova Scotia chicken. Just Ask for Local at your market or grocery store.


7. Maple Syrup Pie

This one might raise a few eyebrows over the definition of comfort food. We think it’s not always about soups, stews and other hearty dishes. To us, it’s about what makes you feel good. And this dessert, with the unmistakable flavour of Nova Scotia maple syrup will definitely make you feel good (Acadian Maple, KD Hunter, Sugar Moon Farm are just a few options). It’s also quick and easy to make. And while we’re on the subject of maple syrup, here’s a bonus recipe for Maple Syrup Cake.


Whether it’s a bowl of tomato soup, shepherd’s pie or anything else - we all have our favourite comfort food recipes. And chances are, when you look at the recipe, there’s an opportunity to include at least one local ingredient.  You can do that, right?