Frozen wild blueberry recipes you’ll be wild about


Did you know wild blueberries are our official provincial berry? You’ve probably enjoyed them fresh in the late summer, but here’s another question. Did you know they are available frozen year-round? And, they are equally nutritious and delicious. So, that inspired us to share some of our most interesting ways to enjoy wild Nova Scotia blueberries any time of the year.


Berry Breakfast Scones

Make your mornings extra special with delicious Blueberry Maple Scones. The recipe comes from local chef, Renée Lavallée, and it combines two local favourites, blueberries and maple!  


Sensational Salads

Salads aren’t just for summer. And frozen wild blueberries make for the ultimate vinaigrette dressing. Just a few ingredients and a little bit of shaking and you’re ready to take any salad to the next level.  Try Chef Renée Lavalée’s great recipe for spinach salad with blueberry maple vinaigrette. Bonus. She’s included a number of different blueberry vinaigrette dressing twists.


Charming Chutney

Wild blueberry chutney is a condiment that will add a layer of local flavour to anything you pair it with. A little bit sweets, a little bit savoury. It’s a winner. You crack this jar open around friends, and they’ll be asking you to make them some.


Delectable Dessert 

In Nova Scotia, we love blueberries in our desserts... Blueberry Grunt, Blueberry Pie, Blueberry Buckle. Well, make sure you add Blueberry Crisp to the list. This great recipe from the Kilted Chef, Alain Bossé, is sure to become one of your favourites!


Main Dish Delights

Want to impress family or friends the next time you host dinner? Well then, our pork tenderloin with wild blueberry & apple compote will get the job done and then some. Blueberries and meat are an amazing combination. You’ll see. And to add even more local, use local red wine, honey and apple in the recipe.


The next time you find yourself in the frozen food section, find yourself a package of wild blueberries and keep them on hand at home. You’ll find plenty of ways to use them. You can find more wild blueberry recipes on our recipe section and lots of information and recipes at the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia site.