More wild blueberry recipes you’ll be wild about



You might think March is an odd month to celebrate wild blueberries. But since they are available frozen year-round, we think every month could be wild blueberry month. And with another blog full of awesome blueberry recipes, you’ll have plenty of ways to love them this month…and every month.


Balsamic Blueberry Reduction

We love pizza because you can top it with countless combinations. But did you ever think about grilled vegetable & mussel pizza? Well, thankfully the Kilted Chef did, and he’s worked in a great balsamic blueberry reduction to top the whole thing off. This recipe has a lot going on; all of it good.


Blueberry Bread Pudding

We’ve shared plenty of wild blueberry dessert recipes in the past, but this Blueberry Bread Pudding recipe from Saltscapes is a true classic. It takes us back to our childhood and it’s so simple. Take their advice and serve it with your favourite ice cream.


Wild Blueberry Explosion

What do you get when you combine ice cream, wild blueberries and a fantastic Sambuca and wild blueberry reduction? We call it a Wild Blueberry Explosion. It’s a grown-up treat for a dinner party dessert. Even if it’s a dinner party for one.


Blueberry Crusted Salmon

The sweetness of wild blueberries is often the perfect addition to savoury dishes. Case in point, this Blueberry Crusted Salmon recipe from our friends at the Wild Blueberry Producers Association of Nova Scotia. If you’re a salmon lover, get ready to love it even more.


Blueberry, Bacon and Quark Tart

One final recipe that gets us excited every time we make it is the Blueberry, Bacon and Quark Tart courtesy of Taste of Nova Scotia. It’s got layers upon layers of local including Nova Scotia wild blueberries, Quark cheese from Fox Hill, Acadian Maple syrup and local bacon from Meadowbrook Meats. Of course, you’re free to use whatever local producers you like. This tart is great for breakfast, brunch or any time. Enjoy.


You don’t have to wait until August to get your wild blueberry fix. Whether you enjoy them plain or added to a culinary creation, grab a bag of frozen wild blueberries and celebrate Wild Blueberry Month in delicious fashion.