Awesome Local Easter Eats


Holidays are always great opportunities to enjoy a meal with friends and family. Whether you’re feeding two or a big crew, it’s also a great opportunity to put local on your table. Here are some of our favourite Easter Dinner ideas.


You’ll find ham on plenty of tables this Easter, and we’ve got a couple of ideas to help make it easy and awesome. A great glaze can make all the difference. A glaze made with local apples, sweet apple cider and maple. Well, that’s a winner for sure! And that’s why we love this apple, maple & mustard caramelized ham recipe from our friends at Taste of Nova Scotia and Meadowbrook Meat Market.


Here’s another great local ingredient combination – honey, wine and local ham all come together in this overnight baked ham with Riesling and mustard glaze. We used local Riesling from Domaine de Grand Pre and Kittilsen’s honey, but there are plenty of other great local choices. This recipe also comes with a bonus - you cook it slowly overnight. So no last-minute panic.


If you’ve got the main dish covered, but need some side-dish inspiration, make some room on the table for this roast beet, goat cheese and cranberry chutney dish. It’s beautiful, light and easy to make. And we went to town on local ingredients including the beets, cranberries and Ran-cher Acres goat cheese.


Nova Scotia lamb might not be something that comes to mind when you think about local meat. But, it should. This braised lamb shank recipe is one of our favourite ways to cook it. Tender and tasty from the braising and served on a bed of vanilla scented sweet potato puree (we used Valley Harvest sweet potatoes)…this is restaurant quality good.


What Easter dinner would be complete without a fantastic dessert? We’ve got your back with two creative apple recipes. Local apples, some bread and a few more simple ingredients is all you need to make this fantastic Valley apple bread pudding. If you want easy and mouth-watering, this’ll do it.


Our second dish is an elegant alternative to apple pie. Give this Annapolis Valley torte recipe courtesy of Chef Renée Lavallée. If you can make a pie, you can make this. And if you can’t make a pie, you can make this. Your Easter dinner guests will love it.


Whatever your Easter plans are, we wish you the best. If you’re in charge of dinner, invite some local to the table. You won’t be disappointed.