5 More Amazing Summer Cocktails


Our Craft Cocktails blog in June was quite popular. SO, with the long weekend coming up, we decided to whip up another batch of recipes featuring local spirits from distillers around the province. Enjoy round two on us!


La Vie en Rosé
We love Rosé wine, so the Bubble Rosé from Lightfoot & Wolfville (or Benjamin Bridge's Sparkling Rosé, Nova 7, or Jost Selkie Rosé) in this cocktail makes us very happy. Add in Rhubarb Gin (such as Steinhart Rhubarb Gin or Barrelling Tide) for a hint of pucker power and a splash of tea syrup made with Earl Grey tea from Just Us! and you get a bubble, sweet, and tart surprise. 


A Place Beyond the Pines
We'll admit we hadn't thought about egg white in a cocktail. Turns out, it's a pretty common ingredient to create a delightful frothy drink. And hey, when you add Ironworks Gin and a splash of Arctic Kiwi Liqueur from Barrelling Tide Distillery (BTW, we grow Artic Kiwis in the Valley) and honey syrup made from local honey, you'll see why it's on our top 5 list. 


The Midsummer's Night
This great summer drink starts with Summer GiNS (made with 100% Nova Scotian ingredients) from Compass Distillers. Then, it adds more amazingly vibrant flavours including Cranberry Rosemary Cordial and Summer Currant Jelly from Tangled Garden in Grand Pré and Compass Grapefruit & Hops Bitters. It's a complex, smooth, flavourful, and aromatic cocktail. 


Salty Dog's Nose
This recipe takes a little more time to put together, but boy is it worth it. If you are a fan of blueberries, you will be a fan of this drink. If you are also a fan of Raging Crow Distillery, their Spruce Tip Gin and their Honey Liqueur mix perfectly with the Blueberry Wheat Beer from Salty Dog Brewing in this cool beer cocktail.


South Shore Spritzer
Sometimes, less is more. This light summer treat has only three ingredients. Nova 7 from Benjamin Bridge and Haskap Liqueur from Ironworks Distillery are two. The third is a garnish of local wild blueberries and raspberries (OK, maybe there's four). Mmmmm simple and refreshing. BTW, if you've never tasted Haskap berries, think somewhere between a blueberry and a cranberry.


The recipes in this blog are from our new Craft Cocktails book. Look for the printed publication at local distilleries, breweries, and wineries as well as Taste of Nova Scotia member locations. You can also view all the cocktail recipes on our website. Can we interest you in a Fog Horn, Trapped Lobster, or Fisherman's Rum Cup perhaps? Here's to a summer filled with local.