Fruit & Berry Dessert Recipes Made with Local



Strawberries in late June are the traditional kick off to the fruit and berry season. But they are just the beginning. The next few months are a treat for fresh fruit and berry lovers in Nova Scotia. We put our dessert hats on and put together a list of some of our favourite summer dessert recipes made with local.


This is an elegant dessert that’s actually very simple to make. Mix a few ingredients, bake and top with your favourite berries and whip cream. We got this simple recipe from the folks at Country Magic Produce and our good friend, the Kilted Chef, Alain Bossé. You can top yours with whatever fruit you like. Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries…your choice.



Raspberries start to appear in markets and u-picks like Dempsey Corner Orchards in late July through August. One of our favourite desserts in the world is a chocolate brownie. But, when you add raspberries and cream cheese, you get a whole new level of brownie. Behold the Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownie, courtesy of Saltscapes.



Did you know that we’re one of the very few regions that produce wild blueberries? The season lasts only a few weeks in August, but what a few glorious weeks it is. Of course, you can buy frozen wild blueberries all year round, but nothing beats fresh and for us, this Wild Blueberry Explosion is the bomb…pun intended! Feel free to try our blueberry grunt, blueberry crisp and blueberry pie recipes as well.



Let’s circle back to raspberries for a moment. This recipe caught our eye because of its name. Then we tried it and it kept our attention because it was so darned good. Raspberry Upside Down Pudding is pretty creative and, it looks amazing when you flip it upside down out of the pan and present it. A feast for the eyes and the stomach. If you’re entertaining this summer, this dessert is a winner.



So, what makes a dessert a dessert? Is it when you serve it? Is it what’s in it? Do we really care? We ask because our last dish is made with local cherries, but it’s a sandwich. And this one is sweet and toasty. Anyways, we digress. We do grow cherries in Nova Scotia and they are in season in July. Ask for them at your local Farmers Market, then make yourself a sandwich.


When it comes to local, many minds go to fresh vegetables first, but don’t forget about fresh fruit and berries as well. In addition to strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blackberries and wild blueberries, local farmers also grow peaches, pears, plums, and even watermelon and cantaloupe. Keep an eye out wherever you shop over the next few months. If you don’t see them, just Ask for Local. You can find more local recipes and inspiration in our recipe section. Take a picture of your next local dessert creation and tag @SelectNS on Facebook!