5 Local Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes to Grace Your Table


When our family gets together for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s a big meal. A put the extra leaf in the dining room table kind of meal. And no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some amazing desserts. That’s why we thought we’d share our top dessert ideas for Thanksgiving dinner. Check out these Thanksgiving dessert recipes to impress your guests. Afterall, variety is the pumpkin spice of life.


Wild Blueberry Flan

Wild blueberries are as Nova Scotian as it gets. And you can buy them frozen all year round. For Thanksgiving,  we passed on the traditional crisp, grunt, buckle and pie for this elegant wild blueberry recipe -  Blueberry Flan. The wild blueberries, citrus, and almond flavours are fantastic. BTW if you prefer buckle, grunt, or pie, we’ve got those recipes too on our website.


Apple Cranberry Custard Torte

You’ll find cranberry sauce alongside almost every turkey dinner. But the tart berries are also a perfect dessert ingredient. We used Cranberry Acres cranberries, paired them with McIntosh apples from our local farmers’ market and a splash of Nova Scotia rum (Ironworks, Sea Fever, Barrelling Tide, and Compass are just a few options). It worked out really well.


Roasted Pumpkin, Squash, and Sweet Potato Mousse

This recipe gives us the traditional pumpkin pie flavours of nutmeg and ginger, but it’s not a pie…it’s a velvety mousse. In addition to pureed pumpkin, this dessert incorporates squash and sweet potato (we used Valley Harvest Sweet Potatoes). Whipped cream adds to the amazing texture as well. This is an easy to make Thanksgiving dessert with a beautiful presentation.


Maple Crème Brulée

Crème Brulée is a dessert classic. Maple is a Nova Scotia classic. This recipe courtesy of Oceanstone Seaside Resort and Rhubarb Restaurant is another treat for the senses. It looks amazing and tastes even more amazing. We used Acadian Maple syrup and sugar, but feel free to use any local maple product like KD Hunter, Sugar Moon Farm, or Hidden Mountain Farms.


Red Wine Cake

Nova Scotia wine is the perfect pairing with any meal. But what about pouring some into your dessert? This recipe combines it with rich, delicious chocolate to create a decadent Thanksgiving dessert that will have people lining up for a second piece. Our friends at Taste of Nova Scotia suggest this as a great Valentine’s dessert. Can’t argue with that. But we guarantee it’ll be loved on your Thanksgiving dinner menu as well.


Thanksgiving is a great time to put local on your table, and lots of it. From local turkey, seafood or other meats and vegetables to local wine, cider, beer or spirits, there are all kinds of options. Just don’t forget to leave room for dessert. Ask for Local when you shop.