5 Good Morning Recipes Made with Local


A good breakfast contributes to a good morning. A great breakfast sets the tone for an awesome day. We’ve put together our favourite breakfast recipes, so you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and delicious local ingredients.


Local Apple Breakfast Parfait

Sometimes, you don’t have a lot of time. You need a quick and easy breakfast recipe. This would be it. Our breakfast parfait will literally go together in minutes. Although, we like to take a little time to savour the local apple, maple syrup and other flavours. The recipe calls for Ambrosia apples, but you can use whatever local apple variety you like.


Nova Scotia Veggie Frittata

A couple of years back, we took a road trip to Tatamagouche and served up a fantastic veggie frittata with our friend, The Kilted Chef. This is a really easy and quick dish with lots of versatility. Just change up the veggies and cheese and it’s new every time.


Maple Bacon Crêpe

We love crêpes because you can make them savoury or sweet. In the case of this maple bacon crêpe from Taste of Nova Scotia, there’s a little sweet from the maple syrup and plenty of savoury from the bacon, sausage and potatoes…it’s basically an entire breakfast (including a sunnyside up egg) in a crêpe. Great brunch idea.


Good Morning Casserole

Want a great start to the morning? Start with this casserole. It’s a pretty simple combination of fresh Nova Scotia Eggs, bacon, bread and shredded cheddar cheese. We used Knoydart Farm, but Fox Hill or any other local cheese you like is fair game.. Mix together, bake and enjoy. Preparation tip - we made this the night before and slept in for 30 extra minutes.


Blueberry Pancake Omelette

Pancakes. What else do we need to say? Blueberry pancakes…OK, we said a little more. We came across this interesting twist on pancakes from Saltscapes Magazine called a blueberry pancake omelette. Since we love both of those things, we gave it a try. It’s pretty much like making pancakes, but you bake the batter in the oven, which makes it a little fluffier. Beats standing over a griddle making one pancake at a time for sure. We’ll eat Nova Scotia wild blueberries anywhere, anytime. This recipe just gave us one more option. Delicious.


Whether it’s the weekend or a workday, these easy breakfast ideas work any day. And any day that starts with local is a winning day in our books. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, cocktails…you get the idea…we’ve got a lot more recipes on our website.