6 Great Holiday Cocktails


As the holiday party season heats up, we’re sharing some of our favourite cocktail recipes from our Craft Cocktails by Select Nova Scotia publication. Add a local twist to your holiday party by mixing in some local.


Life Round Here by Griffin Cox
This crafty cocktail made our holiday list because of its tasty mix of Compass Distillers AquavitIronworks Apple Brandy and local maple syrup (Acadian Maple, MacRae’s, or KD Hunter are some great options). But what makes it great for holiday occasions is that it is served hot like a mulled cider…just with alcohol. Enjoy!


Nova 75 by Ian Dexter
This lively cocktail will put a little sparkle in any holiday party. It’s also perfect for toasting the New Year. If you’re a fan of sparkling wine, then you likely know Nova 7 from Benjamin Bridge. Mix in a splash of classic gin from Steinhart Distillery, lemon juice, and simple syrup and you’ll get to know it in a whole new way.


Bumbled into the Garden by Cara Corbett
There’s simply nothing not to love about this mixture - local honey, mixed with the slight pucker of Barreling Tide’s Rhubard Gin and a little zing from some candied ginger, which is always a great holiday flavour. Remember though, one too many bumbles will definitely lead to stumbles.


Ezra’s Breakfast by Matt Dash
We are in no way suggesting that you should drink this craft cocktail for breakfast. But, we like the name. Compass Aged Gin combined with a couple of dashes of Grapefruit & Hops Bitters (also made by Compass Distillers) and some simple syrup create the perfect tangy and sweet balance.


Fisherman’s Rum Cup by Chris Green
Try to picture a group of fishermen sitting around the wharf enjoying a craft cocktail. We’re pretty sure it would be this one. But regardless of whether there are fishermen at your party or not, everyone can enjoy this. The combination of Ironworks Distillery Bluenose Dark Rum and Blueberry Liqueur is the perfect union of Nova Scotian flavours. It’s also got a hint of apple and cinnamon, which we think also give it that mulled apple cider, holiday vibe.


The Darkest Depths by Kyle Lantz
This beer cocktail will definitely give your party a Maritime feel. It’s a great combination of Sea Fever Rum from Authentic Seacoast, Propeller Root Beer and Midnight Oil Stout from Shipwright Brewing in Lunenburg. Sociables!


We’ve shared a few starter cocktail ideas, but there are plenty more where these came from. You can view all the cocktail recipes on our website. Here’s to a joyous holiday season and some memorable times with friends and family.