New Food & Beverage Campaign Launches with Taste of Nova Scotia


Getting local food into the hands of consumers requires a variety of creative approaches. We have the exciting opportunity to help shape our local food program and find effective ways to expand local purchasing and strengthen our provincial efforts. One of the avenues to accomplish this is to increase the identification and availability of product where Nova Scotians currently shop – at retail.


We are excited to announce that the Department of Agriculture has partnered with Taste of Nova Scotia to offer a new retail marketing initiative that will allow Nova Scotians to easily identify local food and beverage products in major grocery retailers.


In stores now, retailers will display Taste of Nova Scotia branded signs, making it easy for you to find and select local food products. For more information on how to 'GET YOUR HANDS ON LOCAL' visit or follow Taste of Nova Scotia on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


In order to make way for this exciting new opportunity, we are retiring the Select Nova Scotia brand. By focusing our marketing initiatives on Taste of Nova Scotia and retiring Select Nova Scotia, we reduce brand confusion, make better use of our resources, and eliminate duplication of effort. 


In the upcoming weeks, we will remove the Select Nova Scotia brand from the market and this website will become a provincial directory on where to buy local products. 


As always, we are committed to supporting and promoting local food and beverage producers, farmers, markets, restaurants and their contributions to growing our provincial economy. We are looking forward to supporting local with Taste of Nova Scotia and creating greater awareness and availability of Nova Scotia products where people shop.


Thank you for your love of local.