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Angry Goose Crafts & Candles came to be from finding out I love making candles! Nothing is more relaxing then reading a book, or just sitting on the couch with that perfect scent wondering through your house. The name came to me looking up names and this one was made at the start, in pure fun but it started to grow on me. I love making candles with the vibrant colours, different fragrances, and knowing even one other person is enjoying theirs as well. I use EcoSoya wax, which gives it a longer burn, cleaner, smooth look, and without that sooty smell when you blow it out. It is Soy wax, although not technically 100% “all natural” due to the way the wax is made, it is not made from chemicals or petroleum products as Paraffin wax. It is also an ethical wax of way of harvest as it does not destroy the rain forest for farming as Palm products do.

I am also expanding into soaps and lip balms. Can't wait.

Here is to many years of making my kitchen smell of different wonderful scents for my clients!  

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