Tipsy Toad Grove Farm / Tipsy Toad Soaps




Tipsy Toad Grove is a small mixed farm in Tremont. We believe in the importance of ethical and sustainable food production and we farm accordingly. Our animals are raised on pasture with the freedom to move around and do the things that animals do. We raise sheep, pigs, poultry, and we have one of the few herds of Miniature Nubian goats in eastern Canada. We grow no-spray produce in our market garden for sale at farmers markets and occasionally through a CSA. Our farm features an old apple orchard that we're working to reclaim, and in winter we tap maples to produce a smoky "old fashioned" syrup. We also make our own hay.

The milk from our goats is the main ingredient in most of the body care items that we produce and sell under the Tipsy Toad Soaps label. Our natural products include salves, balms, moisturizers, bath bombs, shaving products, oils, deodorant and about 14 different types of goat milk soap. We also make shampoo and salves for dogs and a chamois cream for cyclists. All our products are made with sensitive skin in mind and utilize locally available ingredients whenever possible.


579 Messenger Rd.
TremontNova Scotia B0P 1R0