Windy Mountain Road Farm


2018 NOTICE: Due to the damaging frosts & freezes in June 2018 and the clear lack of pollinators in our area, we only have had limited harvests and thus have not been able to operate our small farming business this season, requiring the necessity of off-farm employment.  Here's hoping 2019 is a better year.


We are homesteaders striving for resiliency and self-sufficiency. We are small scale.  We grow all of our vegetables and fruits using methods approved by 'la certification biologique' (thanks to government's wisdom we are not able to use the 'O' word), so pesticide, fungicide, herbicide free.  We also cultivate our produce using hand tools staying away from using equipment that requires the use of non-renewable resources, trying to minimize our ecological footprint. 

We specialize in raw and value added products using asparagus, tomatoes and hot & sweet peppers, and juices and sauces from our fruit trees and bushes. The only store bought ingredients are vinegar, sweetener if not using local honey, and pomona pectin.

A new offering in 2018 is what we are calling "made to order canning".  If there are hot bath canned products you desire - perhaps you have a favorite family recipe or you just can't find that canned or pickled vegetable at the grocery store - but you don't have the time or resources or skills to do this yourself, and we grow the ingredients or we can source the ingredients locally, then contact us to discuss how we might come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Note that a 50% deposit would be required in any such agreement. With more than 10 years of experience, if you want to learn how to hot bath can as well as pressure can then we can also help: we will teach and you will host!  Contact us if you are interested.

Vegetable Products: Raw & pickled asparagus (flavours: lemon, dill, garlic, hot & spicy, mustard & plain); raw and value added tomato products (salsa, bruschetta, pizza sauce, spicy tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, green chili relish); raw hot & sweet peppers and value added products (pickled peppers, hot sauces, hot apple sauce, hot grape jelly, harissa sauce, creole sauce, red pepper spread, basil pepper jelly, hot pepper jelly, sweet & sour pepper relish); pickled spicy sunchokes (aka jerusalem artichokes), spicy pickled beets with onions.

Fruit products: apple sauce & hot apple sauce from our wild spray free apple trees & hot peppers;  grape juice, grape jelly & hot grape jelly using our 25 + year old concord grape vines & wine grape vines and our hot peppers; sour cherries, sour cherry juice, sour cherry jelly & hot sour cherry jelly all from our sour cherry trees; and blackcurrant juice.

Baking products: sour cherry pie using our own spray free wild sour cherry; classic Canadian maple cake (using Sugarmoon maple syrup); decadent chocolate dessert creations using only the finest of European cocoa & chocolate, e.g. chocolate brownie tart, double chocolate layer cake, & chocolate bread; haskap loafs & muffins using our own haskap berries. 

Support and enjoy local food!

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